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Learn digital marketing and unlock the full potential of your business.

Abhiyan Digital SME Initiative:

The objective of the initiative is to help Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) unlock their growth potential by going digital. The initiative will equip SMEs with digital skills required for reaching out to a wider audience using the power of Internet, thereby creating their online presence, launching and executing cost-effective, targeted digital marketing and social media campaigns, build capacity, increasing sales volumes, connecting with potential customers, staying competitive in the market place, etc. Technology plays an important role in expanding your customer base, greater reach and accelerated growth. Therefore, Abhiyan is excited to partner with you on your digital marketing journey and be a part of your success story.

About The Program: 3-Day Workshop for SMEs, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:

Abhiyan Digital offers an integrated training program aimed at teaching you digital skills that you can leverage to grow your business. In the workshop you will learn about the digital landscape of the country today, an introduction to digital marketing, different digital media, and how they fit into your marketing strategy. You will also learn the various digital marketing components such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, e-commerce, management techniques, using web analytics to get insights. And of course, as you will be learning how to create a website, you will go back with a free website of your company too!

Program Benefits:


Abhiyan SME Initiative is a program aimed at gearing SMEs with digital marketing skills to unlock your growth potential by going digital.


The 3-day Workshop will help you connect with millions of potential customers, and engage with the audiences and grow your businesses.


It introduces SMEs to a wide range of digital marketing tools, show them how the advertising platforms Google Ads & Facebook Ads work.


It examines what sets Google & Facebook apart as advertising mediums and why you should consider using both as part of your wider digital marketing strategy.


Program covers wide range of subjects such as creating & managing campaigns for Google Ads & Facebook Ads, social media marketing, mobile marketing, e-commerce, and analytics.


You will own a website for your company ‘Free of cost’, start ad campaigns on Google, and create a business page on Facebook for your organisation.

SMEs adopting Digital Marketing grow twice as fast as Offline counterparts according to study by KPMG in India and Google. Digital consumer spending is expected to more than double to $100 billion by 2020. You should make the most of this opportunity.

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Big Takeaways of Study on SMEs by KPMG and Google, 2017

Offline SMEs run the RISK of slower growth & fall in market share

  • Offline SMEs run the RISK of SLOWER GROWTH in revenue and customer order.
  • Indian SMEs who not adopt Digital Marketing will be faced with FALL in MARKET SHARE
  • Their slower growth and fall in market shares will be due to their dated knowledge of market trends and customer preferences.
  • Indian SMEs must therefore, adopt digitisation to remain relevant.

SME Success Stories

A large number of Indian Enterprises, new or traditional, are adopting digital marketing to grow and expand in different ways.

To know more how you could benefit from Abhiyan Digital's SME Initiative, please fill in the below details.

To know more how you could benefit from Abhiyan Digital's SME Initiative, please fill in the below details.