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Abhiyan Digital SME Initiative:

The objective of the initiative is to help Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) unlock their growth potential by going digital. The initiative will equip SMEs with digital skills required for reaching out to a wider audience using the power of Internet, thereby creating their online presence, launching and executing cost-effective, targeted digital marketing and social media campaigns, build capacity, increasing sales volumes, connecting with potential customers, staying competitive in the market place, etc. Technology plays an important role in expanding your customer base, greater reach and accelerated growth. Therefore, Abhiyan is excited to partner with you on your digital marketing journey and be a part of your success story.

Does Your Business Show Up On Google?

Get FREE ORGANIC WEBSITE TRAFFIC for Rs. 5999 per month.

  • Planning and implementing Digital Strategy for Organic Customer Acquisition.
  • Website Organic Promotion in Delhi NCR:
    • SEO - Total keywords: 10;
    • Top Ranking Keywords: 3 on 1st Page & 7 on 2nd page.
    • Optimising Facebook - Creating Facebook Profile & account management
  • Branding: One weekly post (includes creative design).
  • BUILDING and MANAGING Google Friendly WEBSITE - Designing in HTML5/WordPress if you do not have one. Total Cost: 5999/month

Unable to manage digital marketing of your organisation alone?

Your personal Digital MarketingPro for Rs. 4999* per month only.

  • Abhiyan Marketing Services will provide you with a Digital Marketing Pro, who will be a Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional to manage your business, while you focus on other crucial aspects of running your business.
  • He Plans & Implements Strategy, Sets Goals, Identifies Target Audience, Schedules Campaign, Measures ROI & Shares Insights.
  • He has complete knowledge of all digital platforms, analytics and gives you insights on your competitors and potential customers.
  • He will actively plan your strategy and implement it step by step on a monthly basis.

3-Day Workshop for SMEs, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:

About The Program:

Abhiyan Digital offers an integrated training program aimed at teaching you digital skills that you can leverage to grow your business. In the workshop you will learn about the digital landscape of the country today, an introduction to digital marketing, different digital media, and how they fit into your marketing strategy. You will also learn the various digital marketing components such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, e-commerce, management techniques, using web analytics to get insights. And of course, as you will be learning how to create a website, you will go back with a free website of your company too!

Big Takeaways of Study on SMEs by KPMG and Google, 2017

Offline SMEs run the RISK of slower growth & fall in market share

  • Offline SMEs run the RISK of SLOWER GROWTH in revenue and customer order.
  • Indian SMEs who not adopt Digital Marketing will be faced with FALL in MARKET SHARE
  • Their slower growth and fall in market shares will be due to their dated knowledge of market trends and customer preferences.
  • Indian SMEs must therefore, adopt digitisation to remain relevant.

SME Success Stories

A large number of Indian Enterprises, new or traditional, are adopting digital marketing to grow and expand in different ways.

Go Digital And Double Your Profits!

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