Case Study of Social Media Campaign on Facebook for APEX MEDICALCORP on Patient Education on Sleep Apnea


APEX, which is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of continuous positive airway pressure devices (CPAP) for treating obstructive sleep apnea and with a global presence in 60 countries, and the first Asian manufacturer to pass the US FDA 510K certification procedure for its CPAP devices. It was awarded the winner of the Taiwan Excellence Awards. In recent years, APEX has successfully expanded into the Europe, Middle East, Africa Latin America & China markets.

After starting its India office in 2015, Apex Medicalcorp Pvt. Ltd., wanted to launch its CPAP products in India through a print and digital marketing campaign, which included paid media such as Google Adwords and advertising in Facebook. It also wanted to embark on a Social Media campaign. Apex in the US market, generally takes the route of superior product features, while its Australian website take a purely e-commerce route - both being mature markets.

Campaign Strategy for Facebook:

India being not so mature a market, Abhiyan suggested Apex to promote its technologically superior and affordable machines differently, through the patient education route. Where the agency would educate patients about snoring, how it could be fatal in case of sleep apnea; the symptoms; the causes of sleep apnea; how it deprived people of quality sleep; the risk factors being high BP, diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, excessive fatigue and drowsiness; its diagnosis; and its treatment. We promoted the CPAP machines as a high quality product, which was highly affordable too. The campaign which comprised of interesting posts, was a mix of paid and earned media, showed excellent traction among the facebook community, and generated a good number of promising leads regularly with a good conversion rate.

Key Results:

Page Likes: 10,000Spend: 0.15 Lac

Landing Page: Patient Education Centric

Landing Page: CPAP Centric


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