India’s leading brand in the bath fittings market, Jaquar has more than 60 percent market share and an expected turnover of Rs. 3000 crore in 2016-17. The group has been regularly advertising on traditional media - the television and the morning dailies. The bath-fittings market of late has been witnessing an explosion of new players, mostly who were importing fittings from China and the entry into India of some new established international brands like Grohe, Kohler and Delta Faucets. Jaquar bath-fittings, which had massive manufacturing facilities in India, aided with a team of world-class designers, who created some award-winning products, had a definite advantage over the competition. Jaquar Group, with its three brands – Artize, which is targeted at the luxury segment; Jaquar, aimed at the premium segment; and Essco, its value-for-money brand – had its business and customer strategies quite in place. What it wanted was a marketing strategy to encash the branding opportunities on social media. Meanwhile, the country’s prime Minister who had launched India’s ‘Make In India’ campaign in 2014, started promoting the initiative aggressively in 2015.

Campaign Strategy:

Abhiyan launched Jaquar’s Twitter account on 15th August 2015, the Independence Day, by putting out Jaquar’s existing Swadeshi print & video ad campaign - Proudly made In India for the world - depicting Jaquar’s manufacturing strength, its products exported to more than 30 countries thus, aligning the Jaquar brand to the India’s popular ‘#MakeInIndia’ campaign on Twitter. The Twitter campaign was specifically targeted at industry influencers - the architects, interior designers and the builders, through the use of hashtags. Jaquar connected with them in a unique way and soon generated a buzz on Twitter around its products, its manufacturing strength, its customer support.
As the other brands in Jaquar Group were not benefitting from Twitter, and managing each brand separately was an elaborate and expensive proposition, which we experienced immediately after Jaquar Lighting’s Twitter campaign on sponsoring Pro-Wrestling League in December ‘15, it was decided to bring all the brands under one roof - Jaquar Group. Soon after we relaunched Jaquar Group Twitter account with all the three bath fittings brands - Artize, Jaquar and Essco and Jaquar Lighting as well.
Over the year, Abhiyan launched multiple campaigns on Twitter for Jaquar Group - Promoting walk-ins to Jaquar Orientation Centres, which facilitated customers to experience bathing; Bring home Jaquar innovations; Jaquar’s summer campaign for spas & whirlpools; Jaquar’s Go Green Initiative on environment friendly products that saved water.

Key Results:

No of Tweets:845

Followers: 1455

Engagement: 8120

Date of Joining Twitter: Aug 2015

Competition Analysis of Indian Bath Fittings Players

Jaquar most active on Twitter:
As Jaquar joined Twitter much after its competitors (Aug 2015), it grew fastest & almost caught up with Grohe Smart Design. It overtook Delta Faucet in Jan and Kohler in March 2015. Jaquar has been tweeting 25-30 creative tweets per month & on an average of 62-70 times per month, which includes retweets and replies to customer complaints.
Jaquar stayed ahead by posting quality content - mostly still images, 30 Gifs and 10 basic videos in a year. The long videos were adapted to 48 different short 30-second videos, covering different aspects and tweeted multiple times with different texts.

Following the community:
Jaquar most actively follows industry influencers - architects, interior designers and builders; and groups, forums, platforms and magazines focussed on this segment strictly; So that Jaquar's Twitter account could connect with the maximum number of Twitter users in this target segment.
Jaquar grew at the fastest pace, even though it joined Twitter on August 2015. Grohe Smart Design second most active when it comes to following people on Twitter. Delta Faucet and Kohler both don't believe in following many on Twitter.

Validation from community:
Jaquar's strategy to seek followers on Twitter, who happen to be industry influencers only paid off rich dividends as 75% of its Followers comprised architects, interior designers, builders and groups, forums, platforms and magazines focussed on this segment strictly; Jaquar's Twitter account soon started serving as a showcase to this segment for new product launches, innovations, product usages, features etc.
Twitter users following Jaquar grew at 17% per month, the fastest among all till Feb 2016, even though it was the last to join Twitter. However, after April Grohe started growing at 30% by advertising to scale followers on cost per follower basis.

Analytics of Jaquar Twitter Account - Period: October 2015- August 2016

A record 30,000 profile visits organically:
Profile visits by Twitter users of Jaquar’s profile continues to grow steadily with time. There has been close to 30000 profile visits since the account started in August 2015. This shows the phenomenal interest levels of Twitter users on Jaquar.

Mentions Rocket on Twitter:
Jaquar has become more noticeable on Twitter as mentions rocket. It has become particularly high since the last three months owing to a swell in the number of complaints. People are turning to Twitter for GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL rapidly. Jaquar needed to a mechanism to address the issue on Twitter soon. A total of 600 mentions were made since the account started in August 2015.

No of Impressions:
Jaquar recorded an average of 45,000 impressions a month organically and clocked 5,00,00 impressions since the account started in August 2015.

No of monthly Engagements:
A total of 8120 engagements were made in the entire period.

High click-through rate:
Each post with rich media resulted on an average of 10% CTR & resulted on an average of 30 visits to the collateral organically through link clicks.

Engagement Break up:
The breakup of number of engagements comprise, retweets, replies, likes, user profile clicks, url clicks, hashtag clicks, detail expands, permalink clicks, follows, media views and media engagements. For Jaquar, the highest recorded were replies, likes, media engagements, url clicks, detail expands.

No of Tweets:
Jaquar has been actively tweeting on an average of 62-70 tweets per month, which includes replies and retweets. Even though it joined Twitter on 15th August 2015, it has managed to Tweet 845 times by 14th September and has stayed ahead of all the competition by posting more number of tweets without compromising on quality. Almost all of Jaquar tweets included media - mostly still images, 30 videos and 10 Gifs tweeted. The videos and gifs were tweeted multiple times.

No of Followers on Twitter:
Twitter users following Jaquar has been steadily growing of late at a monthly average of 17% and crossed 1455 followers as on Sept 2016. Jaquar had joined Twitter on 15th August 2015. Jaquar's strategy has been to seek followers from Twiiter users who happen to be industry influencers - architects, interior designers and builders; and groups, forums, platforms and magazines focussed on this segment strictly; So that Jaquar's Twitter account serves as a showcase for them. Jaquar followers grew organically at an exceedingly fast pace even though it did not employ any advertising to scale up followers on cost per follower basis.

Social Media Creatives with Campaign Strategies:

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