Is your marketing campaign targeting the right customers?

A well-planned direct marketing campaign can take you straight to your ideal customers so that you have the highest chance of achieving results.

Abhiyan is a full-service marketing agency with a special focus on Direct Marketing, of which Direct Mail forms an integral part. We provide comprehensive direct mailing solutions to companies of all sizes and can manage the entire direct mail process right from data management and printing to postal optimisation and logistics.

Our expert team of marketing consultants pride themselves in developing, designing, printing and delivering direct mails that yield maximum results, responses and high conversion rates as well!

Benefits of direct marketing:

  • Targeted - allows you to target specific groups of customers with tailored messages.
  • Cost Effective - Since you can target a specific group of individuals who are most likely to want or need your products and services, you get a higher ROI than if you were to do mass advertising, like a TV or print advertisement.
  • Tangible - Sending a direct mail allows you to physically put your message in the hands of your target group. You can even fortify it by additional material like coupons.
  • Measurable - The direct approach provides direct feedback. You can measure the effectiveness of your campaign easily by tracking the number of inquiries received.
  • Personal - You can personalise your direct mail campaign by addressing your customers and their needs specifically. When you speak directly to your target audience, they are more likely to respond.

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