Shaping your business model for the future by closing the loop between sales and marketing

To grow your business at a faster pace, you need to shape it for the future.That’s possible when you identify new opportunities, implement strategies and achieving goals that distinguish you from your competition. Abhiyan Strategy shapes your business for the future, combining new, evolving digital marketing ideas, marketing automation, CRM, analytics, valuable marketing insight and business intelligence with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models.Read more

Transform your business with digital marketing operations

With traditional business models unable to keep pace with the the evolving consumer behaviour and the marketing landscape, the pressure is on digital marketing operations — skilled people, efficient digital processes and cutting edge technology. Abhiyan Digital Marketing Operations can transform businesses by enabling digital marketing programs seamlessly in multiple channels with uniform content; Continually tracking and managing marketing programs; Monitoring customer behaviour; Analysing, interpreting and delivering insights to decision makers; Iterative experimenting and adapting the program based on feedback.Read more

Capture leads from multiple campaigns running on advertising channels automatically.

Our marketing automation helps you capture leads from your campaigns whether it is search, email, social media marketing or online advertising on Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube. You can now capture phone calls too in your CRM with the help of computer telephony - complete with recorded messages; and also get instant notification on SMS! The CRM helps you track leads at various stages of the sales funnel and follow them up till they turn to qualified prospects resulting in higher sales conversions.

Your digital word of mouth!

It is a useful tool for a long term branding exercise, strengthening your company's online presence. By connecting with social media users and sharing information on social networking sites, you can build your online reputation, create an improved customer experience and instill sensitivity in your organisation towards your customers as well. Read more

Our emails mean business!

Email marketing, the most effective online marketing tactic, helps you in reaching potential customers and telling them about your product, no matter what your business is. Targeted email marketing can substantially increase your profits and significantly reduce your marketing costs. It can generate new business leads on one hand while helping you keep in touch with your existing customer base thus, aiding in customer retention as well. It is less expensive compared to other types of marketing. Abhiyan helps you design powerful EDMs & schedule your email campaigns through marketing automation.Read more

We’d love to help you get on top!

Abhiyan’s SEM provides you with quality business leads and sales opportunities so that you can focus on closing sales instead of finding customers. We generate qualified leads from different digital channels for the automotive, education, retail, real estate, insurance and personal finance (home, car, and personal loans) industries. Read more

We spin magic on the web and turn yourvisitors into customers!

Our digital strategy first defines the needs of your online customers and then decides how to engage with them most effectively and efficiently. We organise your website’s functionality and content in such a way so that people are able to navigate intuitively and easily to find what they want. And come back for more! At Abhiyan, we design websites that look good and function to the highest standards helping you grow your business.Read more

Look at your website through our eyes!

We use our knowledge of designing and building attractive, user-friendly and engaging websites to give you a diagnosis of how easy your existing site is to use, how easy it is on the eyes and how good the content is. Our review helps you identify the problem areas of your website and gives you a roadmap of what to avoid when redesigning your website. Read more

Your second chance at a good first impression!

Your website is the first point of contact a viewer has with your business and first impressions count! But once viewers are at your website, it's the functionality and the content that decide whether they stay on and make a purchase. Is your website attractive and user-friendly? Is its content to-the-point, engaging and error-free? Does it inform visitors, as quickly as possible, what you can do for them? Think about it. Maybe your website needs a redesign. Read more

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