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What’s your brand's measure on the Digital Index?

What’s your brand’s online ranking in your industry? What's your brand's top of mind awareness? Your share of voice? Your brand's reputation on social media?
Is your current marketing strategy working? Are you doing the right things on social media? What's the performance of your website? Is your SEO strategy yielding results? In other words, what’s your brand’s health?
It’s crucial for you to know if the money being spent on your brand’s digital marketing and online advertising is being wasted. Gone are the days of “spray and pray” marketing strategies. In today’s world, quality trumps quantity. We can measure your brand’s performance using a collection of metrics which helps us track, monitor and assess your brand’s success or failure on various digital parameters.

Know Your Brand's Share of Voice (SOV):

SOV is the percentage of advertising activities for one brand within the total advertising activity for an entire sector or product type. It includes organic search, PPC and social media channels.

Industry: Your Industry. Geography: India. Period: Past 12 Months


  • Past 12 months Share of Voice of Competitor 1 highest at 29%, followed by Your Brand at 27%, and by Competitor 2 at 20%.
  • Huge branding activity by Competitor 1 noticed from Aug & September.
  • Suggest You spend on sustained branding campaign on digital media to attain dominant position.

What’s Your Brand's Top-of-Mind Awareness (TOMA)?

TOMA is a measure of how well your brand ranks in the minds of consumers. It refers to a brand or specific product being first in customers' minds when thinking of a particular industry or category. Organisations doing a good job of building a brand name tend to have a high TOMA score. When you are thought of most, you are bought by most.

Industry: Your Industry. Geography: India. Period: Past 10 Years – Last 1 Year

Historically, Competitor 1 dominated for the past 10 years closely followed by Competitor 2.

Your brand had displaced Competitor 1 & dominated the market in the past 5 years.

Your brand’s dominance has been challenged by Competitor 1 in the past 1 year.


  • On compare brands, in the past one year, Competitor 1 returns to equal your brand’s TOMA score. Competitor 2 follows closely. Not much change noticed in the positions of Competitors 3 & 4.
  • Suggest sustained branding campaign on digital media to regain your dominant position of last 5 years.

Compare Brands – Interest by sub-region:


  • Your Brand ahead in 10 states
  • Your Brand behind Competitor 1 in 8 states.
  • Competitor 2 ahead in 4 states

Find Website Traffic, Statistics, and Analytics of Competitors

Traffic Statistics of as on 1st October 2018

Your Brand’s Audience Profile

Your Brand’s Audience Profile

Audience Location

Your brand’s Social Status:

A social audit would entail calculating your brand’s health on the following parameters:

Share of Voice: We calculated the SOV of your brand on social media, using specialised social analytics tools, which helped us to deep-dive to measure your efforts on your brand reputation, brand visibility, awareness, consumer insights, and competitor intelligence. The outcomes: Although your position on Twitter looks average, on Facebook it's a poor second.

Activity: The business is active on its social networks and is growing by posting valuable content regularly.

Engagement: The business should engage with subscribers better by linking, responding, re-posting, and sharing posts of thought leaders and subscribers.

Reach: Content that the business is posting is not reaching most subscribers on Facebook. The business should seek methods – maybe boosting posts – or gaining more attention. Reach on Twitter is satisfactory.

Competition Analysis – Social Media

BLS International Ltd. Vs VFS Global

Despite VFS Global’s joining Twitter on July 2016, BLS International has almost caught up with it in four & a half months.

While BLS is matching VFS on number of Posts/Month, it is behind VFS on Facebook. Because VFS started its Facebook account much before BLS. The gap between the two has been bridged considerably after the first campaign of Page Like ads.

Competition Analysis – Type of Posts on Facebook & Acquisition of Followers


  • Cera tops in Video Posts, followed by Kohler India (in absolute terms)
  • Also, higher Link Posts by Cera. Good for driving traffic to website.
  • Kohler followed by Jaquar tops picture posts

What Are The Search Trends Of Your Vertical?

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